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Welcome to Creative Little World, where fresh, unique and meaningful content is created to suit your needs.

Who is Creative Little World?

Simply me, Laura Bean. My content writing can offer you fresh and unique content for your website, blog, print, email…you name it! I love to be creative, put this together with over 12 years of marketing experience and a knowledge of SEO and you get some pretty useful stuff!

SEE EXAMPLES! I am the feature editor of several tourism publications: Southampton Airport’s Breeze Magazine | Hampshire Guest Guide | The Southampton Pocket Guide | Test Valley Guide

What might you need Creative Little World for?

  • To do a product or service review that speaks to your audience.
  • To create content that improves your rankings in searches (SEO).
  • To create content that helps you engage on social media.
  • To write emails where the “calls to action” end up being actioned.
  • To help you put something into print that’s capturing and engaging.

Take a look at some of my previous work:
Print content | Online content | Email content

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